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7 things a 30 year old woman shouldn’t care about

Thirty years old means maturity, wisdom and rationality; Thirty years old means your title may change from “Miss” to “Lady”; Thirty years old means that you spend money every month in a beauty salonMay resist the appearance of fine lines at the corners of the eyes.

Thirty-year-old means a lot . Here, Xiaobian has selected 7 things you don’t need to care about for a 30-year-old woman. Maybe you will help to realize that it will make your life easier and moodMore comfortable.

  1. The opposite of giving up grasp is giving up. Choosing an opportunity means giving up all other possibilities.

When new opportunities are in front, dare to give up everything that has already been obtained. This is not a shortfall. It is not half-way. This is to seek a reduced development space.Is the greatest opportunity.

People have this guts only before they are thirty years old, have this other capital, and have this qualification.

  Men in the world are true when they promise you, but they are also true when they betray.

When he no longer loves you, it is clear that he has changed his heart, and he will only think that the advantages you originally attracted him are gone.

  2, broken love is not care, it does not care.

Before the age of thirty, what I was most afraid of losing was not something I already owned, but another dream.

If love is only a process, then it is appropriate to experience it at this age. If you want to bear the result, you may exceed your ability and qualification after 30 years of age.

In fact, we have a lot of things to do before the age of thirty. They are fleeting and indulged in the bed of the love river that has dried up for too long, which is not in keeping with the rhythm of life at this age.

  3, fashion do not catch up with fashion.

It is said that young people should be the most fashionable, but independent thinking and individual life are more important.

In this material society, the pursuit of fashion has already become the pursuit of money.

Today, fashion is synonymous with materiality and worldliness.

  4. Style This is something of petty bourgeoisie. The word “petty bourgeoisie” is popular again today, and the pursuit of style is their patent.

The petty bourgeoisie said that there are four major elements to a style: wisdom, literacy, self-confidence and money.

The style is to understand “noble” as dressing, temperament, taste and interior decoration.

That is, the bosses can only show the vulgarity of talking, and the “petty bourgeoisie” have the ability to vulgarize their minds.

The mainstream concept does not have to be a substitute category. The substitute category has become the mainstream of the young people’s concept. Today, the old fashioned collapses the substitute category.

The point is that today’s society is an era of creating ideas, not an era of clinging to old ideas.

  5. Evaluation The last sacrifice we should make is to change ourselves because of the evaluation of others, because those who point you at you do not know what rules they follow.

Do not just follow the rules and do things, rules are still being created, and do everything according to your own judgment, although this will be a little troublesome.

  6, naive, don’t be afraid of people saying we are naive, this just shows that you are still young and full of energy.

“Mature” is a scary word, and it is also a harmful word.

Maturity and naivety are the biggest, most irresponsible, most irresponsible, and most useless generalizations of a person.

Those mediocre people will never say they are naive.

Don’t believe it, someday you will be so old-fashioned by life, and when it is dark, some people will definitely say that you are mature, and you will know what “mature” is.

  7. I’m not used to this in a rock: “This city changed me, this city doesn’t need me.

“Don’t blindly adapt to the environment in which you live, because it is likely that the environment itself is no longer suitable for the development of this society.