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Four key protections for newborn babies

The newborn baby is so delicate that many of our moms who have just risen to their mothers are afraid to hug the baby, for fear of causing harm to the baby and hitting the baby.

Then let us tell you that some parts of your baby are the most delicate, some of them are the most sensitive and need the most protection.

  Sensitive part 1: The cardia is divided into the front cardia and the back cardia. The front cardia is closed to 1 and a half years old, and the rear cardia is closed 3 months after birth.

The cardia is a diamond-shaped space in the middle of the skull where the baby’s knees are not yet closed, jumping like a pulse.

New mothers usually avoid touching this part, but it is not necessary to be so nervous.

There is a thick layer of film on the door to protect it from normal hair washing.

  Sensitive part two: scalp newborn baby often has a scale-like tan stain on the scalp, what should the new mother want to do?

Do not pull it by hand, it will hurt your baby.

You can use vegetable oil or baby oil to gently apply on the dirt to soften it, and the scalp will gradually be placed naturally.

  Sensitive part 3: Keep the umbilical cord dry.

When using diapers, be careful not to get the umbilical cord wet with urine.

When bathing a newborn baby, do not allow him to soak in the water for too long. After bathing, disinfect the umbilical cord with alcohol cotton or iodine.

Pay attention to observations. If you find any abnormalities such as swelling or water seepage in the umbilical cord, see your doctor in time, because once the umbilical cord is infected, the consequences are very serious.

  Sensitive part 4: Small butt newborns have the shortest work in the small butt and it is more troublesome to care for.

When using diapers, traditional diapers can be used interchangeably with modern diapers.

Use cloth diapers during the day and summer, and diapers at night.

After the stool, wash the fart with a soft towel and warm water. After that, let the little fart air naturally for a while, and do not wrap it immediately.