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Massage these points to relieve neck and back pain

With the progress of office automation, people’s working conditions have undergone significant changes, and many diseases have quietly invaded health in this change of working status.

One of them is a person who works at a long-term desk or who drives a car frequently. If you keep a posture for a long time, the cervical vertebra is prone to fatigue and discomfort.

This is mainly because the cervical vertebrae maintain a posture at the end of the cervical vertebrae, resulting in tension in the cervical spine of the cervical vertebrae, poor blood circulation, and some people do not pay attention to keep warm, especially in winter, they are vulnerable to wind and cold evil, thus causing cervical cervical vertebraeThe blood is not running smoothly.

Chinese medicine orthopedic experts reminded the public friends that the following acupuncture points have good preventive and therapeutic effects on neck and neck pain.

  According to the 中 committee hole: the position is in the middle of the human body’s transverse stripes, when the biceps tendon and the semitendinosus tendon (the diamond-shaped depression in the back of the knee).

When using massage, insert the thumb of both hands into the middle of the two limbs. The strength is a little sore, and the pressure is one for one time, even for 50 times. You can also hold the empty fist with both hands and use the fist to beat the committee rhythmically.In the middle point, even do 50 times.

  Press the shoulder hole: the position where the nipple is directly above the shoulder line.

When using massage, use the thumb and abdomen to lick the opposite side of the shoulder well, which is suitable for soreness.

  Press the shoulder and acupoints: the position is below the shoulder joint, and the arm is closed at the back of the arm.

Use the thumb and the abdomen of both hands to press the opposite side of the shoulder and acupoints.

  According to the sacral column, the hole is above the styloid process of the humerus.

5 inches, when the high blood pressure muscles and the knees are stretched between the tendons.

Improve the acupoint method: the two hands of the tiger’s mouth are naturally straight, and the index finger of one hand is placed on the styloid process of the other hand, and the middle of the fingertip is a hole.

When using massage, use the thumb and the abdomen of both hands to press the opposite side of the iliac crest.

  Self-massage treatment of neck and neck pain, usually one massage a day, cervical vertebrae pain, such as military IT work or long-term driving people can also massage these points to prevent cervical pain.

Experts advise that patients with cervical and cervical pain should pay attention to self-care during treatment, and do not keep a posture for too long.

Exercise regularly, strengthen blood circulation, and keep warm.