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Choose a life you want

Begonia resigned from the company where she worked for 14 years.

Ask her where she is going to make a living.

The text message she returned was a joke: Go to the leather shoes under the overpass.

  Of course, the talented woman Begonia did not apply for a license to polish her shoes. She joined a new business, dealing with all kinds of tenants and living on rent.

When I am happy, I also do some design, photography or writing for others.

“I set up a ‘Begonia Studio’. My boyfriend created a website for me to expand the popularity of the studio and help me with some work.

“In fact, the income derived from these designs and contract drafts is not certain. The daily cost of Begonia still depends on two redundant houses.

She has a second-hand house allocated by the company for her own use, a house left by her parents for remodeling, and a commercial house she invested in in 1997 for rent.

  Begonia is a bit lighter: for daily life, this is enough rent.

Now, I spend more on fashion, which is to spend a little money on insurance and travel.

  Jane’s life is also good.

As a landlord, Da Yin hides in the city, which is equivalent to the ancient medicine farmers or innkeepers.

Do n’t go to the supermarket when you buy vegetables. Instead, go to the grocery market. Cut your hair on the mirror and learn to dye your hair. Read a book and go to the library. Watch a movie. Rent a DVD.Herbal tea; make your own damask cushions to decorate the room, and make beautiful hand-made cookies to entertain your friends.

  Begonia lamented: “In the past, I thought I had so much, and I felt like a poor man with a monthly salary of 7,000. Now I find that I need so little, I don’t earn much, and I have a desire to sing everyday.

“In the first half of the year, Begonia’s biggest expense was to sing to a retired teacher of a conservatory to learn vocal music.

  Begonia has a role model.

In 2002, her young girlfriend who worked as a programmer in Silicon Valley also resigned as a landlord.

I usually live on the extra dwellings I bought when I was a programmer. Every year, I write two scripts for publishers and buy train tickets to travel around the world immediately . Begonia asks her why she did n’t wait for retirement to retire.

She smiled and said two words that made Haitang startled: First, not everyone can live to 60 years of health.

Secondly, even if you still have the strength to travel around the world after you are 60 years old, your state of mind and the human attitude you see are not the same as when you were 35 years old.

  Pick a life you want-“Emperor can’t get on board” as soon as possible.