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[Can you eat dragon fruit for menstruation]_Pitaya_Menstruation_Can you eat it?

Dragon fruit is a very popular fruit. This fruit comes from tropical regions. Its taste is fresh and sweet, and it has become one of the best fruits for many people to use to cool off the heat.Is not suitable for consumption, for example, can women eat dragon fruit during menstruation?

This is a concern for many women. Let ‘s take a look at it.

Can be eaten properly.

Dragon Fruit has the functions of preventing constipation, promoting eye health, increasing bone density, helping to form cell membranes, preventing anemia and anti-neuritis, angular cheilitis, reducing obesity, skin whitening and preventing dark spots.Role, prevent aging, weight loss, prevent colorectal cancer.

In menstrual cramps, symptoms such as poor appetite, backache, fatigue may occur.

At this time, it is advisable to replace foods and medicines that are not only good for skin and beauty, but also good for “traveling through water”.

Suitable foods and medicines include: mutton, chicken, red dates, tofu skin, apples, barley kernels, beef, milk, eggs, eggs, brown sugar, motherwort, angelica, cooked land, peach blossom, etc.

During menstruation, many foods that have good skin-beautifying effects should also be fasted, such as pears, bananas, coriander, stone fungus, stone flower, water chestnut, winter melon, kale, black fungus, rabbit meat, hemp kernels.
Dragon fruit is definitely a good healthy food for women, but the principle of eating during menstruation is not to eat cold food. This principle applies to fruit categories, so the most important thing about whether you can eat dragon fruit is to look at its attributes.Is it cold? After a series of studies, it has been found that dragon fruit has the function of cooling heat and cooling blood. This means that dragon fruit itself is cold and cold, so it is not suitable to eat dragon fruit during menstruation.