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Puma sports brand introduction

PUMA历史  PUMA于1948年成立于 德国荷索金劳勒(Herzogenaurach),创始人:鲁道夫·达斯勒(Rudolf Dassler),现今已有57年历史的运动服装品牌,在世界范围内具有第一Line of call and influence.
This time, PUMA once again occupied the forefront of the world’s sportswear. With the concept of professional sports and leisure compatibility, it launched the latest series of the new season.
They can be worn not only in gyms and sports venues, but also in everyday situations.
It fully conveys the heart of modern young people.
  PUMA’s Achievement PUMA has made remarkable achievements in the history of modern sports development.
For more than 50 years, PUMA has achieved proud results with world-renowned athletes.
This is the performance of PUMA through continuous research and development, and communication and development with the world’s top athletes.
In these years, PUMA accompanied the king of the ball Bailey to the World Cup finals many times, tennis star Becker wore PUMA clothing to compete in Wimbledon grass competition, PUMA also sponsored the British sprinter Christie won the gold medal in the Olympic Games.
  PUMA’s global strategy creatively integrates the most creative parts of sports, leisure and fashion PUMA brand goals successfully combines sports and fashion elements, making PUMA the most respected fashion sports brand in the world!
  PUMA expands the trendy fashion field. In addition to the distribution of sales channels in the sports field, PUMA has also entered the sales field of fashion products in Hong Kong and Shanghai with strong momentum, such as the famous Lane Crawford, Joyce, Swank & REX (Shanghai), etc.
  In high-end fashion stores, PUMA offers the most unique and creative fashion products.
  PUMA unites with top international fashion. The reason why PUMA can successfully integrate professional sports and fashion trends so successfully is even better for its international top design team.
Neil Barrett, a senior menswear designer who used to be Gucci and Prada, is the creative director of PUMA.
At the same time, international supermodel and senior yoga coach Christy Turlington (Christine.
Willington), Marc Jacobs, creative design director of Louis Vuitton
Steve Jobs) have close relations and cooperation with PUMA.
This season, PUMA has pushed up as many as 38 new models, completely covering the three major categories of PUMA sportswear: highlighting three major breakthroughs: innovation, taste and fashion.
It also highlights the characteristics of both daily leisure and professional sports.
It enables people with diverse needs to be satisfied with multiple functions and guide the trend of sportswear worldwide.
They are not only suitable for specific sports fields and are more suitable for wearing in daily life, reflecting the philosophy advocated by PUMA-sports is a life attitude.