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Running fitness morning exercises are all right

When it comes to the morning, people will think of the words “air fresh, suitable for exercise.”

For many years, in the park, the figure of the morning exercise on the riverside has always been a beautiful scenery in Guangzhou.

However, since the close quarter, “morning practice” should be supplemented and promoted, but it has become a focus.

Some people think that the high amount of carbon dioxide in the air in the morning is simply not fresh, and it is better to exercise in the morning than to exercise at dusk.

Because of the contradiction of this issue, some primary and secondary school students and their parents even suggested to the school to cancel the morning exercise.

  Do you exercise in the morning, or do you exercise in the evening?

Are adolescents in growth and development applying some kind of “sports prescription”?

Want to find out these doubts, or quote experts!

  As long as it is suitable for your morning exercise, it is no problem. In theory, at dusk, the oxygen concentration in the atmosphere is the highest, the human feeling is the most sensitive, the coordination ability is the strongest, the physical exertion and the body’s adaptability are the strongest, and at this time the blood pressureAnd the heart rate is low and steady, it is indeed a good timetable for easy exercise.

Experts say, however, this does not mean that the rest of the day is not suitable for sports.

  There are obvious individual differences among different people. Cardiopulmonary function and physical state are different. Their exercise time, frequency of exercise, and exercise mode can also be the same.

It should be said that the best time to exercise is not absolute, there must be some differences between people.

If there are conditions, experts suggest that it is best to consult a doctor based on a health checklist and your own routine and diet.

  In addition, for the office workers in the city, some are working overtime at dusk, and some are rushing to the house. It is very unrealistic to let them squeeze out an hour a day when they are busy.

  In fact, for those who reduce normal physique, as long as avoiding half an hour before meals, one hour after a meal and one hour before going to bed, physical exercise can be performed at any other time.

If you have developed the habit of morning exercise in the morning, there will be a lot of perseverance, and there is no need to change to a late practice.

  The exercise time is not enough, the exercise mode is not suitable for oneself, there is a very simple measurement method: if after exercise, the spirit is full, the appetite is good, the sleep quality is good, the pulse is measured early, and the beats per minute are almost the same or slower.Congratulations, then this shows that your current amount of exercise and movement is very convenient; on the contrary, if the exercise occurs, often sleepy, sleep is not good, measure the pulse early, the number of beats per minute is more than 6 times more than before, which means yourExcessive exercise, should be adjusted under the guidance of a doctor.

  In addition, the amount of exercise should not be static.

For example, running, the starting time should be shorter, the speed is slower, and the body adapts to change, then gradually extend the running time, let the speed re-point.