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Recipe: “Ginger Cola” for the flu?

If you have a cold and wind, the patient will feel cold and runny, and her tongue will be pale and she will not sweat during the cold.
  Patients with wind and heat often have symptoms of fever and sweating, sore throats, and runny nose and dry stools.
Such patients are advised to use cold medicine to soak in water, such as chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, isatis root and other flush drinks, or eat some Chinese medicine such as Yinqiaojiedu granules, and treat the symptoms.
  Recently, articles have been read on some websites recommending “Ginger Cola” to the public to treat the flu.
Can “Ginger Cola” really treat the flu?
  Let’s first take a look at the basic production method of “Ginger Cola”: Wash the fresh ginger, peel it, cut into small filaments, wash the pot, put it in a bottle of Coke, and boil it with the ginger.
Generally for adults, the ratio of ginger to cola is 1: 100, and children can adjust the ratio as appropriate.
Drink directly after warming, 3 times a day.
Because of its good taste, many people use ginger cola as a drink.
  Cola cooked ginger, can be described as “combining Chinese and Western”, very creative.
Unfortunately, this kind of creativity can only be used to treat the cold-type cold that Chinese medicine calls.
The main reason is that ginger is a product of Xin Wen, which can relieve sweat and relieve cold, remove wind and dispel cold. Many folk prescriptions use ginger as the main medicine for treating cold-type colds, so when people are exposed to wind, rain, and cold, take brown sugar ginger in timeSoup, cola ginger soup, will get good results.
  Traditional Chinese medicine divides colds into different types such as cold and wind, and not all colds are suitable for taking Xinwen Jiangtang for sweating.
Fengreganmao is a kind of injury caused by wind and heat. If you take ginger-based warming drugs at this time, it will be like pouring oil on a fire, which will increase the internal heat.
And the flu ca n’t even use “Ginger Cola”, because Chinese medicine believes that the flu urgently needs to use bitter cold Chinese medicine to clear the plague, and “Ginger Cola” obviously does not have the character of bitter cold.