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Body sculpting yoga sculpture to relieve back pain

Body sculpting yoga, as the name suggests, is a kind of yoga movement that can help us to sculpt our body.

So, how should body-building yoga be practiced?

  Now, let ‘s start today ‘s yoga practice with everyone from the simple front legs.

For most office workers, practicing both legs and hips can not only stretch the spine, but is also effective in relieving back pain.

  The leg-tibia fracture effect is very beneficial to abdominal organs, strengthens the kidneys, activates the entire spine, and improves digestive function.

At the same time, it can massage the heart and promote blood circulation in the lower body.

  Step1 sits on the bed, straightens legs, feet together, grabs toes with both hands.

  Step2 inhales deeply and stretches our spine.

Exhaling, bending our elbows, trying to stretch our upper body forward, bringing our hips into contact with our feet.

Maintain normal breathing for 60 seconds.

  Tips Pay attention to keep your feet straight, so that your abdomen, chest, and forehead are close to your legs.

  The sitting angle effect adjusts the skewed pelvis, and the effect of thin waist is obvious. It helps to open leg ligaments, tighten leg muscles, and beautify leg shape.

  Step1 Sit down, keep your feet straight, slowly open your legs to the limit, and straighten as far as possible.

  Step 2 Inhale deeply, relax your body, stretch your arms slowly upwards, and keep our lumbar spine straight.

Just take three to five breaths.

  Step3 exhales, arms and upper body slowly shrink forward.

Place the abdomen, chest, and chin on the bed in order.

Hold this position for about 4 to 12 breaths of neon for a long time.

Throughout the process, the spine must remain fractured.

  There are several changes in the “sit-angle style” for beginners. Beginners should do it according to their own abilities.

  Breathing exercises take a comfortable sitting position or lie on your back to relax your body.

  Inhale slowly and deeply to keep the chest still, and slowly extend the abdomen to fully expand.

  Breathe very slowly and you cannot hear any sound of breathing.

Feel the air entering the bottom of the lungs and the abdomen filled with gas.

  After the expansion of the abdomen is completed, the thorax naturally joins the expansion of the abdominal cavity. As far as possible, the thorax is expanded and the abdomen contracts slightly inward.

  After the chest expansion is complete, the collarbone and shoulders rise slightly, drawing air to the top of the lungs.

  When exhaling, first relax, relax the clavicle and upper chest, and then contract inward and downward.

Finally, shrink the abdomen completely inward to empty the air in the lungs.

  Breathing points The entire exhalation process should be very harmonious and smooth.

This is a complete yoga complete breathing.

  Beginners, practice 5-10 times a day, gradually extending the practice time to 10 minutes.

  Remote yoga breathing increases the amount of oxygen inhaled, increases lung capacity, purifies blood, and increases vitality and endurance.

  It can improve the activities of the human digestive organs, eliminate and cure diseases of the digestive system, and then affect the endocrine adenosine to carry out ovarian activities.

  Note that you must develop yoga breathing in daily life, so that it becomes your lifestyle.

  If you choose to practice yoga at home, you need to pay attention to these.

  1, maintain a good environment to practice yoga at home, we must first maintain a good environment.

  2, keep quiet, noisy environment is not conducive to maintaining stable breathing and meditation during practice.

  3. Keep the environment clean and ventilated. A clean environment helps the human body to be more pleasant, and ventilation can ensure that fresh oxygen is provided to the body during practice.  4, the practice site should not be too hard or too soft.

A venue that is too hard will be restricted by certain movements, while a venue that is too soft will cause some movements to be non-standard and vulnerable to injury.

  5, a better practice is to place a yoga mat on the floor, you can practice with confidence!

  Through the above sharing, I hope to help everyone’s health and maintain a good figure.