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Get out of the 5 skincare mazes and double the beauty

There are new tricks of skin care secrets circulating every day. You are also familiar with the beauty tricks of your sister’s private house, but are these so-called secret recipes really effective?

What makes you stray into the skin care maze?

Come today to take you out of the 5 mazes to make your skin more beautiful and visible.

  Skin care maze one: Steam smoked face is good for the skin. The transformation of steam is used to promote the blood circulation of the facial skin and to expel certain things in the pores. The effect of steam smoked face is here.

However, conversely, if you use steam to smoke your face for a long time, pore shrinkage will continue to cause pores to relax, and the skin will also easily lose moisture due to high temperature.

Therefore, the number of times for steaming the skin should not be too much.

  Skin care labyrinth two: Cleansing foams are good. Surfactants and foam additives are added to cleansing products to enhance cleanliness and optimize contact.

However, both of these additives cause some loss of the sebum film, which reduces the resistance of the sebum film to external stimuli, and one of the reasons why the skin is susceptible to sensitivity is also caused by this.

  Skin care maze three: The horny skin must go through years of skin learning. From our initial understanding of horny skin to “remove”, the cuticle has actually realized the benefits of hydration and moisture storage.

We know that the horny layer does not need to be replaced. The presence of the horny layer can help the skin store moisture. The average person’s horny layer can be removed once a month.

Continuous thinning of the stratum corneum is prone to problems such as red bloodshot and sensitive skin.

  Skin care maze 4: Medicine skin care products Medicine skin care products are used by people with skin problems?

In fact, it is not necessarily. Pharmaceutical skin care products do not contain pigments, additives and other chemical ingredients. If you want to pursue mild skin care, these skin care products can also be used.

  Skin care maze five: Skin texture will not change with age, endocrine adjustments, and environmental changes will affect the skin’s skin quality.

Greasy skin in spring and summer may be slightly calmer in autumn and winter.

Therefore, skin care products should not be used to the end, due to the need to change skin texture and seasonal changes.

This can really solve the skin’s needs for skin care and maintenance.