Get out of the 5 skincare mazes and double the beauty There are new tricks of skin care secrets circulating every day. You are also familiar with the beauty tricks of your sister’s private house, but are these so-called secret recipes really effective? What makes you stray into the skin care maze? Come today to […]
7 things a 30 year old woman shouldn’t care about Thirty years old means maturity, wisdom and rationality; Thirty years old means your title may change from “Miss” to “Lady”; Thirty years old means that you spend money every month in a beauty salonMay resist the appearance of fine lines at the corners of the […]
Know and care for your baby’s tender skin Newborn skin has its own characteristics. The ratio of skin area to weight is much larger than that of an adult. The average newborn’s obesity is 2 500 square centimeters, and the average weight is 5 inches. At the same time, the ratio is 1: 5 0 […]
Choose a life you want Begonia resigned from the company where she worked for 14 years. Ask her where she is going to make a living. The text message she returned was a joke: Go to the leather shoes under the overpass.   Of course, the talented woman Begonia did not apply for a license to […]
Massage these points to relieve neck and back pain With the progress of office automation, people’s working conditions have undergone significant changes, and many diseases have quietly invaded health in this change of working status. One of them is a person who works at a long-term desk or who drives a car frequently. If you […]
Inventory six misunderstandings of diabetes diet Do you have diabetes if you eat too much sugar? Inventory six misunderstandings of diabetes diet The World Health Organization released the first global diabetes report a few days ago. The report shows that adults with diabetes worldwide have tripled in the past 40 years, and most of them […]
Polygraph principle body is betraying you Traceability: The history of polygraphs from pulse selection can be traced back to 300 BC. The Greek physician Erasisistrautus first noticed the use of pulse selection to detect lies. He took the pulse for Syrian prince Arterx. It was rumored that the prince fell in love with the young […]
Elderly eat mushrooms can reduce the age spots There are benefits to eating mushrooms, and more fungi grow. No matter who you are, you may consciously eat more. Especially for the elderly, eating more can not only anti-aging, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, but also less age spots.   A study by Zhejiang University found […]
Puma sports brand introduction PUMA历史  PUMA于1948年成立于 德国荷索金劳勒(Herzogenaurach),创始人:鲁道夫·达斯勒(Rudolf Dassler),现今已有57年历史的运动服装品牌,在世界范围内具有第一Line of call and influence. This time, PUMA once again occupied the forefront of the world’s sportswear. With the concept of professional sports and leisure compatibility, it launched the latest series of the new season. They can be worn not only in gyms and sports venues, but also in everyday […]
Four key protections for newborn babies The newborn baby is so delicate that many of our moms who have just risen to their mothers are afraid to hug the baby, for fear of causing harm to the baby and hitting the baby. Then let us tell you that some parts of your baby are the […]