Month: January 2020

Regular vegetarian diet in the elderly can prolong life and reduce the risk of illness There are so many things that humans eat, so they are divided into scorpions and scorpions. The bones of animals are called cockroaches, and the roots of plants are called vegan. For the silver-haired people, vegetarian diet is beneficial to […]
Don’t drink cold water when you are thirsty in the middle of the night Don’t drink thirsty in the middle of the night. Don’t drink cold water easily in the summer and sleep at night, so too many people have a habit. However, these hurried sips will cause bad effects on your body if you […]
_1 Never let your child play with a mobile phone in the bedroom According to a new study, parents should move televisions or other small electronics out of their children’s bedrooms, otherwise they will lose sleep. Researchers have found that children who sleep in rooms with televisions or other small electronics have less sleep than […]
Eating large fish and meat often causes calcium deficiency Some people have done the following experiments: Ingesting 80 grams of protein per day will cause 37 mg of calcium to be lost. b. Supplementing 240 grams of protein per day, plus 1400 mg of calcium, can cause 137 mg of calcium to be lost. . […]
Recommended stomach nourishing diet in autumn Many bad eating habits and incorrect attitudes to treat the disease will aggravate the worsening of gastric disease. We are about to say goodbye to the summer of poor appetite and ushering in a fall of appetite. How to intervene in conditioning from the aspect of spiritual feelings, diet […]
Food Therapy to Remove Wrinkles 4 Tips Wrinkles are the enemy of beauty, especially the crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, which can best represent a person’s aging. Can wrinkles be eliminated after they appear? Our answer is yes, here are a few alternatives that are easy to use and have better results: […]
4 tricks to keep your skin fair for a summer Guide: In the hot summer, the most problematic MM of beauty is how to whiten it. Facing the damage from the strong ultraviolet rays in the hot sun, what are some good ways to whiten in summer? There are only lazy women and no ugly […]
How to exercise your forearms The main exercise targets for single wrist curls are flexion and extension of the forearm, flexion and extension of the wrist and muscle groups that make the forearm rotate.   Reverse Bend Boxing Reverse bend is also called reverse grip curl. The main exercise targets are the forearm extensor muscle group, […]
Body sculpting yoga sculpture to relieve back pain Body sculpting yoga, as the name suggests, is a kind of yoga movement that can help us to sculpt our body. So, how should body-building yoga be practiced?   Now, let ‘s start today ‘s yoga practice with everyone from the simple front legs. For most office workers, […]
Nine strokes to resolve the baby refuse to eat complementary food Method 1 demonstrates how to chew food. Some babies will use their tongues to push food out because they are not used to chewing. Parents need to show the baby how to chew food and swallow it. You can slow down and try again […]