Month: November 2019

锘? Five foods make you healthy for the winter Everyone knows that eating mutton is good for keeping warm and cold, but what should you eat in winter? The latest issue of the American Health Journal, published “the five best foods in winter.” 銆€銆€1. Oatmeal: Prevent winter depression. Relative to sun exposure in winter, the […]
锘? How to prevent cervical spondylosis in office workers Correcting and changing the bad position in the work is very important for the prevention of cervical spondylosis, especially for those who have long been engaged in accounting, writing, editing, typing, typesetting and other occupations. 銆€銆€Due to the relationship between posture and posture of long-term work, […]
锘? [Bao Ma Skills]What if the baby does not like to eat? Baby does not love to eat has become a big problem for many families. Three reminders, please, seven, and eight, and finally eat less and slow. what should we do? In fact, it is not so much that the baby does not like […]
锘? Winter OL simple and effective thin waist exercise Office women are sedentary + national sports, the waist and the lower abdomen will inevitably have excess meat. The following small series teaches you how to do thin waist and abdomen weight loss exercise, 5 minutes a day, easily lose the small belly in the winter, […]
锘? Different treatments for different ear medicines Experts remind that different treatments for different ear medicines are different. It seems that it is very easy to apply medicine to the ear. In fact, if the method is not appropriate, it will affect the treatment effect. 銆€銆€The ear canal defect is a kind of cavity defect. […]
锘? These health care events need attention in the early summer season. Yang Guangwang Beijing May 8 news The comfortable spring has passed, summer is coming! Starting from the early summer, we should reasonably arrange the working hours, timely supplement the nutrients, adopt the correct health care method, and armor to spend the summer better. […]
锘? Three-day detox diet meal can also be thin without exercise Are you willing to be so fat? In fact, lazy people also have a lazy way, this three-day detox diet meal does not have to go to fitness, you can slim down a little without dieting. 銆€銆€Day 1: Exclude surface toxins The first day […]
锘? 9 coups let you have a temporary belly and drink plenty of water, walking Click to buy According to the Yahoo News website in the United States, recently, experts put forward nine major recommendations, without painful dieting, laborious exercise can easily get a substitute for the lower abdomen. 銆€銆€1. Normal posture and standing up […]
锘? Chinese health culture focuses on “heart” The Chinese health culture is a “heart”. Maintaining a good attitude is more effective than eating any health supplement. In fact, the health culture at home and abroad emphasizes “being calm and light.” 銆€銆€Ji Yanlin, a professor at Peking University and a famous scholar, talks about his own […]