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Doing these 6 things after meals is equal to chronic suicide. What do you usually do after dinner? Is it smoking, eating fruit, drinking tea, bathing or loose belts, singing, walking, sleeping? If you have one or more of the above habits after a meal, be vigilant, these life details are murdering your health! . […]
7 things a 30 year old woman shouldn’t care about Thirty years old means maturity, wisdom and rationality; Thirty years old means your title may change from “Miss” to “Lady”; Thirty years old means that you spend money every month in a beauty salonMay resist the appearance of fine lines at the corners of the […]
6 essential winter respiratory diseases Winter is a season of high incidence of respiratory infectious diseases. Although most people know more than a certain pattern of common sense, most of them know why they don’t. Experts provided some precautionary measures and explained the reason, which brakes people to prevent diseases more effectively and maintain respiratory […]
Doctors claim “double eyelid glasses” for accidental damage to eyelids Recently, the popular “double eyelid glasses” on the Internet has been favored by young people. Online advertisements say that you can easily turn into double eyelids by wearing glasses for only 5 minutes a day. On the 9th, Liu Yongzheng, deputy chief physician of the […]
锘? Liya appeared at the airport, holding the insulation cup to take the health line, and always bowed to play the phone! Just yesterday, Julia appeared at the airport. It hasn’t appeared for a long time. She wore a dark casual dress that day. From the photos, I look very good at the skin care, […]
锘? Six kinds of melons make you eat more and more slim Is there any weight loss food recommended? Be effective and natural and healthy! Of course, Xiaobian introduces you to 6 kinds of slimming melons, and you will have a slim figure when you eat! 銆€銆€Not all fruits have weight loss effects. For example, […]
锘? Five foods make you healthy for the winter Everyone knows that eating mutton is good for keeping warm and cold, but what should you eat in winter? The latest issue of the American Health Journal, published “the five best foods in winter.” 銆€銆€1. Oatmeal: Prevent winter depression. Relative to sun exposure in winter, the […]