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6 medicated diets to get rid of difficult hemorrhoids It is said that ten people have nine hemorrhoids. We can learn from the universality of wound hemorrhoids. Many friends are suffering from hemorrhoid wounds. Today we will take a look at what medicated diet can treat hemorrhoids.   Rice vinegar boiled sheep blood 200 grams of […]
Four key protections for newborn babies The newborn baby is so delicate that many of our moms who have just risen to their mothers are afraid to hug the baby, for fear of causing harm to the baby and hitting the baby. Then let us tell you that some parts of your baby are the […]
Maternity Yoga Standing Posture-Upright This posture means that if it is self-psychological unity, it will bring balance to the body and coordinate the body with the mind, feelings and breathing.   It is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.   Benefits: This posture is calm […]
锘? Five strokes, high blood lipids Limiting the total energy The basal metabolic rate of the elderly is reduced, and the energy requirement is lower than that of adults. Older people with hyperlipidemia should strictly control the substitution of energy. The energy absorption per person per day should be controlled within 29 kcal/kg body weight, […]
锘? ESPN’s prediction, the fans cheered, the Lakers won a big hope next year! ESPN’s prediction, the fans cheered, the Lakers won a big hope next year! James is 4 years old. 5.3 billion joined the Lakers, gave up the more than 2 billion dollars that the Cavaliers prepared for him. What is the purpose […]
锘? [Bao Ma Skills]What if the baby does not like to eat? Baby does not love to eat has become a big problem for many families. Three reminders, please, seven, and eight, and finally eat less and slow. what should we do? In fact, it is not so much that the baby does not like […]