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Inventory six misunderstandings of diabetes diet Do you have diabetes if you eat too much sugar? Inventory six misunderstandings of diabetes diet The World Health Organization released the first global diabetes report a few days ago. The report shows that adults with diabetes worldwide have tripled in the past 40 years, and most of them […]
Puma sports brand introduction PUMA历史  PUMA于1948年成立于 德国荷索金劳勒(Herzogenaurach),创始人:鲁道夫·达斯勒(Rudolf Dassler),现今已有57年历史的运动服装品牌,在世界范围内具有第一Line of call and influence. This time, PUMA once again occupied the forefront of the world’s sportswear. With the concept of professional sports and leisure compatibility, it launched the latest series of the new season. They can be worn not only in gyms and sports venues, but also in everyday […]
Eating kiwi helps lower blood pressure As the saying goes: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. “Eating an apple a day is a lot better. However, according to a report on the US “Health Day” on November 15, a new Norwegian research result announced at the American Heart Association Oran multi-year meeting, eating […]
锘? Drink more porridge in winter, lose weight while drinking Winter is more greasy, and I will gain weight without knowing it. Today, Xiaobian recommends to everyone to drink porridge that can lose weight. It can completely replenish water for the body. Drinking porridge can also help to lose weight and lose weight.Come and find […]
锘? Don’t worry about sugary and fat vegetables Except for rhizome vegetables, the sugar content of most vegetable diets is below 5%, the trace content is below 1%, and the content is 20-30 kcal per 100 g. Because of its large volume and low bulk density, the conversion provided by eating about 500 grams of […]
锘? Chinese health culture focuses on “heart” The Chinese health culture is a “heart”. Maintaining a good attitude is more effective than eating any health supplement. In fact, the health culture at home and abroad emphasizes “being calm and light.” 銆€銆€Ji Yanlin, a professor at Peking University and a famous scholar, talks about his own […]