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How to exercise your forearms The main exercise targets for single wrist curls are flexion and extension of the forearm, flexion and extension of the wrist and muscle groups that make the forearm rotate.   Reverse Bend Boxing Reverse bend is also called reverse grip curl. The main exercise targets are the forearm extensor muscle group, […]
Recipe: “Ginger Cola” for the flu? If you have a cold and wind, the patient will feel cold and runny, and her tongue will be pale and she will not sweat during the cold.   Patients with wind and heat often have symptoms of fever and sweating, sore throats, and runny nose and dry stools. Such […]
Guide and Follow of Latin Dance (I) Guidance: When guiding, men should move their hands and feet with their chest, waist, and back, so that women can feel the men’s guiding movement clearly. As long as the above three elements are used for men’s body movements, women can naturally move. Even without holding hands, men […]
Running fitness morning exercises are all right When it comes to the morning, people will think of the words “air fresh, suitable for exercise.” For many years, in the park, the figure of the morning exercise on the riverside has always been a beautiful scenery in Guangzhou. However, since the close quarter, “morning practice” should […]
锘? Great heat, let us “cold weight loss” together The heat is approaching, how can we get rid of fat in a cool atmosphere during this year’s highest temperature and most temperate season? The 鈥渃old weight loss鈥?that is highly sought after by stars is gradually unveiling its mysterious veil 鈥?the correct 鈥渃old weight loss鈥?refers to […]
锘? Sleep secrets that almost everyone ignores What do you do when your head touches the pillow? There is no doubt that sleep can satisfy some very basic needs of people – like keeping your physical health, not to mention preparing for your precious time the next day. 銆€銆€But after you go to bed and […]
锘? Winter OL simple and effective thin waist exercise Office women are sedentary + national sports, the waist and the lower abdomen will inevitably have excess meat. The following small series teaches you how to do thin waist and abdomen weight loss exercise, 5 minutes a day, easily lose the small belly in the winter, […]