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Body sculpting yoga sculpture to relieve back pain Body sculpting yoga, as the name suggests, is a kind of yoga movement that can help us to sculpt our body. So, how should body-building yoga be practiced?   Now, let ‘s start today ‘s yoga practice with everyone from the simple front legs. For most office workers, […]
Get out of the 5 skincare mazes and double the beauty There are new tricks of skin care secrets circulating every day. You are also familiar with the beauty tricks of your sister’s private house, but are these so-called secret recipes really effective? What makes you stray into the skin care maze? Come today to […]
Elderly eat mushrooms can reduce the age spots There are benefits to eating mushrooms, and more fungi grow. No matter who you are, you may consciously eat more. Especially for the elderly, eating more can not only anti-aging, lower blood lipids, lower blood sugar, but also less age spots.   A study by Zhejiang University found […]
Q and A for Yoga Q: I practiced a head-up with displacement, but I practiced against the wall. I tried to exercise in the open space a few days ago. Due to the uneven force, I have been correcting the discomfort on the back and right side. Is there any way to relieve it? A: […]
锘? Weight loss failure difficult search Because of the misunderstanding of the causes of obesity, some people who use beauty have always tried in vain. The causes of fattening are diverse, but skepticism of some misconceptions, using the wrong slimming method, weight loss has become a heavy topic. 銆€銆€Dieting type: weight loss but the number […]
锘? Three kinds of dinners are like “chronic suicide”. How to eat three meals a day? Eat too much for one dinner: eat less and eat stones at dinner. Dinner and early eating is a good health policy recommended by medical experts. Studies have shown that eating early for dinner can greatly reduce the incidence […]
锘? 9 coups let you have a temporary belly and drink plenty of water, walking Click to buy According to the Yahoo News website in the United States, recently, experts put forward nine major recommendations, without painful dieting, laborious exercise can easily get a substitute for the lower abdomen. 銆€銆€1. Normal posture and standing up […]